About Me

Before Mum:

Graduated in Modern Languages and Literatures, I was teaching languages in high schools, tutoring teens and adults and was a Front Desk Officer in a hotel, at the same time, to improve my income, during seven years, seven days per week.

After Mum:

Since my first child was born, I quit and have been living in three different countries, dedicating my time to motherhood.

Why “Playground.Zone” Blog?

Feeling a deep need to work again, without harming the growth, needs, and well-being of my toddlers, I am trying to find a way to work online, from home. Playground. Zone appears somehow as an extension of the other blog I have (https://mum.ceo).

Main Goals

Playground.Zone is intended to give useful information to parents like me but also put in practice some of the theory I have been learning, particularly about affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and other ways of monetization and that I share in https://Mum.Ceo.