Effective tips to make bath time a pleasure to your baby

Babies are not all the same and the way they face bath is also different from baby to baby. However,  many of them do not like it.

Bath routine

As children grow, especially after they are six or seven months and they start crawling, putting their hands and body in the floor and touching everything around them, it is almost a must to give them a bath every day, preferably at night, before sleeping or before dinner.

Wash them at this stage is not as easy as it was some months before, because they move more and are more restive, on some occasions, but there are some tricks you can use to make bath time a better and more pleasant moment.

Tips to make bath time easier

Give the baby a bath at least every two days since he is born

When they are newborns, it is not necessary to give them a bath every day. They don’t get dirty, I get it. Yet, as a mother of two children, I do recommend you do it since they are born and the umbilical cord falls. This will bring them from an early age, a confident feeling about water and the baby won’t probably fear it.

In our home, we did this and I can tell you it worked. They have always loved to have a bath. Our problem actually is getting them out of the bathtub.

Have a small bathtub and check the water temperature

At least for the first months, you must get one of those smaller bathtubs for baby and put warm water inside (38ºC). To check the temperature you can use a thermometer or simply put your elbow in the water to check if it feels good or if it burns.

Hold the baby always gently but firmly, to avoid he gets hurt or scared

Wash the baby with gentle and slow movements, talking to the baby nicely, to help him feel relaxed and confident. The first two or three times it can happen that he gots a bit scared but you will see that soon he will enjoy this moment.

When you are giving your child a bath, surround the baby’s shoulders with the left arm while the left-hand holds the baby’s arm. This will bring your baby confidence and also safety.

Have all you need nearby

You must have all the things you need in such a way you just hold out your hand, without releasing the baby.

Be sure you have the shower gel, the towel, the baby cream, the clothes to dress him nearby.

Never let your baby alone in case you forgot something! Death from drowning is fast and silent.

Give the baby toys to play in the bath

When they are a little bit older, since they sit alone, give them some toys to play in the water. It will bring some fun to the bath time and they will certainly enjoy that.

What should you do if your baby is very scared about bath time?

Sometimes, even with the measures mentioned above, it can happen that the baby is still very scared. For that, you can do the following:

  1. Never put water running when he is inside the bathtub. If he does not like water, this can bring more fear feelings. If possible, put a big towel on the floor and on her, put a bowl with water, but do not put the baby inside. Let him play with the water. Put a toy there or let the baby touch the water, if he wants to (never force him to). If he starts to touch the water it means the fear is starting to disappear, So, you can transfer that water to the bathtub and give it a try.
  2. You can also wash your baby with a humid sponge until he feels confident about the water. There are also funny bath gloves with animals. You can fake that glove is talking to him gently and nicely and the animal will play with the water or inside the water. To play is a wonderful way to teach and convince children.
  3. If the baby has an older brother or sister, it can be a good idea that you let the older child help with washing the baby’s body or even the baby’s hair, carefully and gently.
  4. To wash hair, there are also protection tapes to put in the babies head and avoid that water goes into the eyes.

Do you have more ideas or want to share your experience? Share it with us, writing a comment!

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