How to make colourful Easter eggs with your child

Today there was a parent’s meeting in my toddler’s nursery and we made Easter eggs all together. It was a funny activity and it is something you can definitely make with a toddler to celebrate Easter or even Springtime.

In this article, I will show you how to do it and what is the material you need.


Material needed:

  1. Rubber bands or strings.
  2. Small bowls with a colour each one (food colouring mixed with water).
  3. White boiled eggs (you can use also blown eggs if they are for decoration).

How it works:

Wrap rubber bands around the egg as you like. It requires some patience, once it slips easily,  so you can use strings instead.

Put the egg with the bands in the coloured water for at least 10 minutes. If you want to do it in different colours, just immerse one part of the egg in a colour and after put the “white” part of the egg immersed in other different colour.

When they are coloured, remove the elastic bands or strings.


Material needed:

  1. stickers (you can use round stickers to give a “dot” effect or you can use stickers with other shapes that please you).
  2. Small bowls with a colour each one.
  3. White boiled eggs (or blown eggs)

How it works:

Paste the stickers into the egg.

Immerse the egg in the bowl with the colour of your choice. After 10 minutes (at least) take the egg out and the stickers too.

(Just be careful to avoid taking out the eggshell as my daughter did in the picture :-))

The effects can surprise you and you will have such beautiful eggs to decorate your Easter table!


Material needed:

  1. Crepe paper in small pieces, with different colours.
  2. Small bowls with clean water.
  3. White boiled eggs (or blown eggs).

How it works:

Immerse the small pieces of crepe paper ( one at a time) and stick it into the egg. Make a mix of different colours to give a more colourful effect. Sometimes, colours like yellow do not work so well.

You can use a snack paper basket or another one you like to put your eggs and decorate it with a nice cloth tape.

Now you just need to start to make your Easter eggs a reality!

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